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I have always been under the impression that free softwares are softwares not worth owning. Recently I downloaded one of the market leading poker calculators, not expecting to much from it.

First let me tell you a bit about myself as a poker player. I saw a commercial and thought that it would be fun to try and play a little online Texas Holdem. I got my poker account set up and played a couple of weeks with play money. I realized that those games were not worth playing since none respected the bets

I upgraded my account and started playing for real money. Things were about to change. The first couple of weeks I broke even but then I headed in for a bad beat, or so I thought. I played a really awful game. I overrated my own skills, and all of a sudden I had lost a big portion of my initial bankroll. What did I do? Well, I certainly didn’t change my play style, I won in the first weeks so why change?

Today I know that my first weeks as a poker player was incredible in terms of luck. Drawing for that one crucial card often made me the winner. And I played like a calling station, calling, calling, hit, bet. Hard to read? Well, maybe not…

Of course I ran out of luck and started to lose money. I looked for a solution and literally stumbled upon a poker calculator. I downloaded it and started using it every time I played. I didn’t follow all of the advices it gave me because I wanted to play at least every other hand. I continued to lose money.

At this time I had lost nearly 90% of my bankroll and I figured that the calculator wasn’t working. I read a little about calculators and they obviously do make most of its user a better player. Ok, so I will start playing according to its recommendations.

Nothing revolutionary happened except that I didn’t lose my money any more. In a couple of weeks I had stopped the money from leaking out of my bankroll and I could concentrate on my aggressive game. I developed a strategy of my own and finally I started to make money, not heaps but I won back my initial bankroll and today I have tripled it.

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