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Learning poker odds by heart or using a spreadsheet is a thing of the past. Today you don’t need to study a poker book for hours to learn the odds on certain starting hands. Using a poker calculator will help you get the odds in an instant and this speeds up the learning curve exponentially.

Learning the odds from a poker calculator means that you get a high level of interactivity and that you learn as you play. This really boosts your leaning curve and improves your game.

The basic poker calculator gives you the odds, both pot odds and win odds and some calculators have taken it one step forward and made a genuine assistant that gives recommendations during gameplay.

Theses assistants are great but you have to take into consideration that if you follow the advice every single time you will be a sitting duck to the more experienced players. If you win every single hand that you play, they will have you figured out in no time. The solution is to play some marginal hands, meaning that sometimes you actually play ace, ten unsuited and maybe you win and maybe you lose. The importance is to not lose too much money and to make sure that you show your cards to all of your opponents

Estimations made tell us that currently about 40% of all online players use a poker calculator or a poker assistant. If you are new to Texas Holdem and don’t use an assistant you are bound to be an underdog.

When (Not if) you chose to try a calculator make sure that you chose it wisely. There are simple to use calculators to should be used by the rookie and then there are more advanced calculators that of course should be used by the advanced players.

That a calculator is easy to use does not mean that it is not as good as the advanced ones. Pokerbility for instance is very easy to use yet it holds the most advanced algorithms available today.…

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